Monday, February 9, 2009

Feed This:Featured Blog - "Brendand Garabee's Blog"

Featured Blog Brendan Garabee. I come to this page often to catch a whimsical word, a story, a conversation recorded or check out the original art work. Straight from the imagination, direct from the wordsmith , Brendan Garabee's Blog always gives me a reason to come back again!

w e e k l y u p d a t e s
o f
s h o r t f i c t i o n
a n d
r a d ar t


jiggins said...

Hey MAS AFFECTED GUY :)Great add.. I love this blog. I have also read Brendan Garabee before. It is a refreshing change in my day to sit and read some of these stories and check out the art. What does he use to make the illustrations? I dig the idea. Thanks again man.

That Guy said...

I loved this blog from the first time I ever saw it. I am happy you enjoy it too JIGGINS!

big Jenn said...

Hey, thanks for the follow.jeNN