Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feed This:Featured Blog - "Robot Nine"

Alan over at Robot Nine is an eclectic fellow of sorts. You can visit his blog for a bit of whimsical fun, great fun and interesting facts. Some of his blog labels include, Disaster, Business, Children and Photography. He has photo puzzles and relates some of his favorite artists and websites. Check it out today!


Linda S. Socha said...

Great Idea Mass
I enjoy Robert Nine. He has several blogs I frequent and I love the Balloon launch

I have to say also I really like your idea of featuring specific Blogs!. Thank you for doing it.
I appreciate what you accomplish with YOUR blog. Isn;t this blogging thing fantastic??


jiggins said...

Hey Miss Linda.. this is Mr Jiggins :) My buddy has been away from the site for a week or so.I help with the page sometimes... but yeah I like the idea of Mass Affected as well. thanks for always being a supporter!